I’ll make it real quick. I played sports my whole life and excelled so much that I recieved a full-athletic scholarhip to the University of Arizona to play football as a Quarterback. After doing what I always wanted to do, I eventually realized that I wanted to do more for people and wanted to make a difference. I always felt that if someone created jobs and helped employ people that there was nothing else that was more powerful.

So I devoted the next part of my life to creating a corporation and give back to inner-city kids and families that want more out of life but don’t have the resources.

I started a Social Media Marketing Company 5 years ago and have been working on several personal projects ever since. I found myself enjoying working in the legal industry for various reasons, but one that I enjoy most is when I can help someone in legal help or advice do to my network of Legal Practitioners.

Legal situations are a vary serious matter and during a time of crisis it is important that you seek out all legal information afforded to you through information technology.

That’s why LegalEase TV is the go to source for Professional Legal Information on the world wide web.