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Civil Rights Attorney Stephen A. King brings you his weekly online show focusing on Civil Rights Law, News and information. This week Mr. King discusses the current problems facing Los Angeles County Jail. Sheriff Lee Baca is under investigation for the treatment of over 100 inmates.
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Medical Marijuana has been going through various changes at the state level. People that consume Medical Marijuana for medicinal purposes are still treading a thin line of breaking the law. Sure it’s legal to carry a doctor’s recommendation saying so, but if the FED’s came knocking on your down for growing a couple of plants or possessing a pound of weed, your chances of meeting Big Smiley in the penitentiary highly increase. That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced legal practitioner who can help you navigate the complicated terrains of the Medical Marijuana legal system.

Today, Allison Margolin of Columbia University and Harvard Law School is here to clear up any misunderstandings that people are having. From the difference between Federal and State Law to common definitions and terms to what Obama is doing about legalizing Medical Marijuana.

Allison Margolin get’s down to the bottom of the current climate of Medical Marijuana, Medical Dispensaries, Medical Recommendations by doctors and Medical Marijuana patients.

Check out this video to find out everything you need to know about Los Angeles Top Criminal Defense Attorney special select matters Medical Marijuana Allison Margolin.

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KingsJustice is an Online Legal Talk Show that Focuses on the Civil Rights issues trending in the media and social hemisphere. From Occupy Wall street, Future Police Car, to Police Brutality and now Medical Marijuana, Stephen A. King brings it to you in smooth  and cutting edge way.

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